If you’ve recently signed up for our high-speed internet services, congratulations! We can’t wait to get you connected!

To help you prepare for your installation appointment, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions and concerns some people have about their installation. We hope it will help you get prepared—and even more excited—about the big day!

If you still have questions about your appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. We’re local and happy to help!

When Should I Expect My Installation Appointment?

Generally speaking, you should expect your fiber installation appointment to occur within about two weeks. Outside factors like the weather can sometimes cause delays, but these should not be too extensive.

What Communications Should I Expect to Receive in the Meantime? 

Prior to the installation, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information about your fiber installation appointment. It may also include other details about what, if anything, you may need to do prior to the installation. If you’ve authorized text messages from Black Bear Fiber, you may also receive text notifications from us, as well.  

How Long Will the Installation Appointment Last?

While each residence and home is different, and some present relative challenges (nothing our team of experts can’t handle!), you can expect our technicians to take between roughly 60 minutes to two hours to complete your installation.  

Will the Technician Need to Come Inside the Home or Just Remain Outside?

Your technician needs to install and set up your fiber internet connection both indoors and outdoors and will need access to the inside of your home. Please plan to have an adult over the age of 18 at home during your scheduled installation time. 

What, If Anything, Should I Do to Prepare for the Installation Appointment? 

Please have an adult over the age of 18 at home during your appointment. After your technician has done the basic outdoor installation every residence receives, you should be prepared to talk with your technician and installer about which areas and rooms of the home you most use the internet, and for what purposes. For example, if there are highly trafficked areas of your home, like a family room or kids playroom, where lots of streaming TV and movies are played, you should inform your technician about that to maximize internet signal coverage there.  

Additionally, your technician is trained to help identify the best placements for your router and related equipment. But the tech will also gladly listen to your requests and suggestions based on your internet usage and the way you use your home. 

Generally, the technician will choose a centralized area of the home to place the router. Ideally, this area will not be obstructed by wall units or built-in bookshelves, or be located too close to windows or other glass. The router shouldn’t be near other electric equipment or microwave ovens, either. A good rule of thumb is the less clutter in the immediate area around the router, the better the router can disperse its signal for stronger internet throughout the house. 

What Support Will I Receive After the Installation Appointment?

The technician will ensure that your fiber internet is fully operational and running fast and smooth before leaving your home. Additionally, the tech will make sure that your devices (e.g., smart TV’s, tablets, etc.) are connected to your fiber connection and working well. You’ll also receive some materials, including basic instructions for downloading and accessing your routers app, as well as other key contact information for technical support. 

Black Bear Fiber’s Team Members Are Here to Help—and Want Your Feedback!

The team at Black Bear Fiber really cares about your experience during installation and afterwards. Don’t hesitate to contact the helpful representatives at Black Bear Fiber if you have any questions or concerns during or after your appointment.