Residential Fiber Internet

Fiber broadband represents the pinnacle of internet technology, offering unparalleled speed and reliability for an unmatched online experience. It provides lightning-fast uploads and downloads, eliminating buffering and ensuring smooth streaming, gaming, and telecommuting. Fiber internet is ideal for today’s fast-paced digital world, offering a superior, high-speed connection that consistently outperforms traditional broadband solutions.

500x500 Mbps
per month
1,000x1,000 Mbps
per month

No hidden fees or data caps! Our prices include all taxes and fees, so there are no unwelcome surprises on your internet bill.

Pay once and save! Pay for 11 months upfront and get 1 month free.

Phone Service Available

Black Bear Fiber offers best-in-class home phone service to our subscribers, powered by Ooma. Contact us today to learn more!