Products & Pricing

Residential Fiber Internet

No hidden fees or data caps! Our prices include all taxes and fees, so there are no unwelcome surprises on your internet bill.

100x100 Mbps
per month*
500x500 Mbps
per month
1,000x1,000 Mbps
per month

* FREE 100×100 service costs $39.25/month, which is fully subsidized for qualifying families through a combination of the Affordable Connectivity Program ($30/mo) and Lifeline Program ($9.25/mo). Use of the ACP package is subject to continuing qualification for the program, which is performed through USAC. Terms and conditions may apply.

Pay once and save! Pay for 11 months upfront and get 1 month free.

Add-On Services

Get better pricing by bundling services with Black Bear Fiber.


Ready to get just the channels you want, from any service provider you choose? Black Bear Fiber is proud to partner with MyBundle.TV to make it easier to cut the cord. 

The easy-to-use tool will walk you through finding the right streaming service. Click here to check out your options for TV streaming.